Section 1. Name of the Association.
1.1 The name of the Society shall be “Latvian Nephrology Association” /LNA/. It shall be an independent scientific and practical public association without economic aims.
1.2 LNA shall have the status of a legal person, its own attributes, seal and bank account.
1.3 The address for correspondence of the LNA shall be the Latvian Association of Nephrologists, 13 Pilsoņu Street, Riga, LV-1002, Latvia.

Section 2. Objectives of the Association.
2.1 The objectives of the LNA shall be to benefit the society:
2.1.1. promotion and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of nephrology;
2.1.2. to promote the professional development of nephrologists in Latvia and abroad;
2.1.3. professional protection of nephrologists.
2.2 The LNA shall achieve its objectives by:
2.2.1. by networking with scientists working in the field of nephrology;
2.2.2. by organising scientific congresses, conferences, workshops;
2.2.3. exchanging experience with other organisations and institutes in the field of nephrology;
2.2.4. certification of nephrologists;
2.2.5. other activities contributing to the development of nephrology science and practice in Latvia.

Section 3. Duration of the Society.
3.1 The Society is established for an indefinite period of time.

Section 4. Membership.
4.1 The Society “Latvian Association of Nephrologists” shall be open for membership to anyone who:
4.1.1. conducts scientific research in the field of nephrology and has published at least one scientific paper;
4.1.2. has obtained a certificate of nephrology;
4.1.3. have a long-standing clinical practice in the specialty of nephrology;
4.1.4. nephrology residents;
4.1.5. representatives of other medical specialties interested in the activities of the Society.
4.2 The admission of new members shall be carried out by the Executive Board. Admission requires:
4.2.1. a written application from the applicant;
4.2.2. a list of scientific papers;
4.2.3 qualification documents;
4.2.4. a description of the clinical work;
4.2.5. written recommendations from two LNA members.
4.3 The decision on admission of a member to the LNA shall be taken by the Board. The Board shall consider the applicant’s request at its next meeting, but within a maximum of two weeks from the receipt of all required documents. The applicant must be invited to the Board meeting at which the applicant’s request is considered and must be given the floor to express his/her views. The absence of the applicant shall not preclude the decision of the Management Board. The reasoned decision of the Governing Board shall be notified in writing to the applicant within one week of its adoption.
4.4 The applicant may appeal in writing against a negative decision of the Executive Board to the General Meeting of Members. Alternatively, if the General Meeting of Members rejects the applicant’s request, the applicant shall not be admitted as a member of the LNA and may reapply no earlier than after the expiry of one year;
4.5 A member may resign from the LNA at any time by notifying the Executive Board in writing.
4.6 A member may be expelled from the LNA by a decision of the Board if:
4.6.1. the member has not paid the membership fee for more than 2 years;
4.6.2. the member fails to comply with the decisions of the General Meeting and the Board;
4.6.3. the member fails to fulfil his/her duties and obligations;
4.6.4. the member performs other work contrary to the provisions of these Statutes.
4.6.5 The question of expulsion of a member of the LNA shall be considered by the Board at its next meeting, inviting the member to be expelled and giving him/her the opportunity to express his/her opinion. The absence of the expelled member shall not be an obstacle to the decision of the Board. The decision of the Executive Board to expel a member from the Society and the reasons for such decision shall be communicated in writing to the member to be expelled within five days from the date of its adoption.
4.6.6 After payment of the membership fee, the Board may readmit the member without the necessary formalities.

Section 5. Rights and Obligations of Members.
5.1 Members of the LNA shall have the following rights:
5.1.1. to participate in the governance of the LNA;
5.1.2. to receive information on the activities of the LNA, including access to the minutes, decisions and orders of all LNA bodies;
5.1.3. to participate in all events organised by the LNA, to submit proposals on the activities of the LNA and its improvement, to defend their opinion.
5.2 Duties of LNA members:
5.2.1. to abide by the LNA Statutes and to comply with the decisions of the Members’ Meeting and the Board of Directors;
5.2.2. to pay the membership fee regularly;
5.2.3. to support the realisation of the purpose and objectives of the LNA by their active participation.
5.3 Obligations of a member may be established by a decision of the Members’ Meeting or the Executive Board. The consent of the member shall be required when imposing obligations on a member which are different from those of other members.

Section 6. Bodies of the Society.
6.1 The Society “Latvian Association of Nephrologists” shall not form structural units.

Section 7. Convocation of the meeting of members and adoption of decisions.
7.1. The Members’ Meeting shall be the supreme decision.
7.2 All members of the Association are entitled to participate in the Members’ Meeting. Members may attend the Members’ Meeting only in person.
7.3 The Annual General Meeting shall be convened once a year – not later than 1 June.
7.4. a meeting of the Ordinary Members may be convened on the initiative of the Executive Board, or if requested in writing by not less than one tenth of the members of the LNA, stating the reason for convening it.
7.5 A general meeting of members shall be convened by sending a written invitation to each member not later than two weeks before the meeting.
7.6 A quorum for a general meeting shall be more than half of the members present.
7.7 If a general meeting is not quorate for lack of a quorum, a reconvened general meeting shall be convened within three weeks and shall be entitled to take decisions irrespective of the members present
provided that at least two members are present.
7.8 A decision of a general meeting shall be adopted if more than half of the members present vote in favour. A decision to amend the Statutes, to dissolve and to continue the LNA shall be adopted if more than two thirds of the members present vote in favour.

Section 8. Executive Authority.
8.1 The executive body of the LNA shall be the Executive Board, which shall consist of 8 members.
8.2 The Board shall be elected at the Membership Meeting for a term of 2 years.
8.3 The President, the Vice-President and the Secretary, who shall also be the Treasurer, shall be elected at the General Assembly for a term of 2 years.
8.4 The re-election of the Chairperson shall be possible for a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Chairman shall remain in office until the election of a new Executive Board.
8.5 The Chairperson shall be elected at the General Meeting for a term of 2 years. Re-election is possible for a maximum of two terms.
8.6 All members of the Executive Board shall individually have the right of representation.
8.7 A member of the Executive Board shall serve without remuneration.
8.8 Minutes of each meeting of the Executive Board shall be drawn up and signed by the Chairperson and the Secretary.

Section 9. Auditors.
9.1 The financial and economic activities of the LNA shall be audited by 3 auditors elected by the Membership Meeting for a period of 2 years.
9.2 The auditors of the LNA may not be members of its Board of Directors.
9.3 Auditors:
9.3.1. audit the property and financial resources of the LNA;
9.3.2. give an opinion on the budget and annual accounts of the LNA;
9.3.3. examine the accounting and record-keeping of the LNA;
9.4 The auditors shall carry out audits at such times as the Members’ Meeting may determine, but not less frequently than annually.
9.5 The Members’ Meeting shall approve the annual accounts of the LNA only after receiving the auditors’ opinion.

Section 10. Funds of the Association. Members’ money.
10.1 The funds of the LNA shall consist of:
10.1.1. membership dues;
10.1.2. membership dues;
10.1.3. possible allocations from the state budget;
10.1.4. voluntary donations and other income;
10.1.5. fees for certification and recertification.
10.2. the amount of the joining fee and the membership fee shall be determined by the Executive Board. The membership fee shall be payable once a year before the Annual General Meeting. The funds of the LNA shall be used for the operation of the Association and for the fulfilment of the objectives laid down in the Statutes. LNA members shall not receive any share of the income.

The changes to the Statutes were approved by the LNA General Assembly on 25 September 2004.
The final version of the Statutes was approved by the LNA General Assembly on 29 September 2005.
Approved by the Register of Companies of the Republic of Lithuania on 13 March 2006.